step into leadership


6 months of Private Executive and Leadership Coaching for rising star professionals, senior advisers and executives who want to step into leadership with confidence and build a thriving team.

You’re a senior adviser, manager or executive who’s just been promoted to a new leadership position.

Or you’ve already stepped up but you’re struggling to hold it all together and nail your new role.

Maybe you were a star performer in your old position and now you feel out of your depth, uncertain about the way ahead and what’s expected of you.

Stepping into a leadership role is one of the most challenging career moves that you have to make.  

The company’s problems become your problem almost immediately, and everyone is looking at you to do something about them. Now.

You have to make the tough choices. The painful decisions. The hard calls.

You’re not sleeping well. Your anxiety levels as you come into work each day are on the rise and even thinking about managing your workload flips your stomach into a knot.

It’s not easy to step into leadership, especially if you’re moving into a position or role that you’ve never held before.

New executives usually aren’t brought on when everything is going swimmingly. It’s highly likely there’s problems that need to be addressed, which means you’re going to be making some unpopular decisions.

Or perhaps you’ve been promoted internally and you now have to redefine your role and relationships within the organisation.

You’ve suddenly gone from colleague to boss and it’s scary new territory. How do you manage the transition smoothly and win the respect of the team you were once a part of?

What’s more, you’re constantly worrying if you’re up to the task! You keep asking yourself: Will this get easier?

I get it.

I work with senior advisers, executives and professionals in large organisations who have either just been promoted to a new role or they’re about to become a leader.

They often feel overwhelmed by the herculean tasks ahead of them. They feel fearful about whether they can achieve what’s expected of them. They feel stressed about the days and weeks and months ahead.

It’s a complex web of office politics and high expectations and tentative diplomacy, on top of the massive workload you’ve just taken on.

But just remember this: you were chosen for this role for a reason. You have all the skills and attributes you need to own your new role and achieve success – you just need a helping hand to work through the challenges ahead

That’s why confidential,
coaching can
put you on
the fast track
to success.

Why I created my Step into Leadership Coaching Program

My signature one-on-one 6-month coaching program is for senior advisers, managers, executives, new leaders and high potential professionals who want to transition into leadership with confidence, manage the tough challenges they face and achieve extraordinary career success. It’s a customised coaching program designed to help you keep up your motivation and momentum and stay accountable for your actions each month, with a dedicated success mentor by your side. The first 90 days of a new leadership role are critical to your success For those critical 90 days and beyond, we’ll work together to accelerate your professional growth and help you feel confident as a leader as you transition into the new role. We cover areas such as how to:
  • Nail your personal leadership style
  • How to deal with difficult conversations at work
  • Manage your time (and Inbox) and delegate and outsource tasks with ease
  • Communicate persuasively and command the respect of your team
  • Build an unshakeable rapport with your team, and 
  • Navigate your new political landscape, and
  • Build your confidence so you can be the highly respected and effective leader you know you can be.

Here’s what you get when we work together:

  • 3 x 60 min one-on-one coaching sessions every month for 6 months (on Zoom or phone) where we deep dive into where you’re at right now, complete a diagnostic review of and map out a strategy to help you lead with clarity, calm and confidence.
  • A tailored leadership plan to help you navigate the challenges of your new role and the chance to workshop difficult conversations and hurdles with an experienced coach at your disposal.
  • DISC Profile assessment to develop powerful skills that will help you be a more effective leader, increase productivity and encourage your team to perform at their best.
  • A customised, comprehensive 360 executive leadership assessment every month so we can set performance benchmarks, provide real-time feedback and monitor your improvement as you become more comfortable with your leadership role.
  • Email access to me as your private coach at agreed times to keep you accountable and on track with your monthly goals, and
  • Audio recordings of all the coaching sessions so you can replay them and revisit the sessions at your convenience.


By the end of our 6 months together, you will feel more in control of your leadership role and career with an action plan in place to face the challenges ahead. You will:

  • Be prepared, accountable and ready to take on the role with gusto
  • Be able to command the loyalty and respect of your team
  • Boost your productivity and performance and inspire others to do the same
  • Feel vibrant, positive and ready to nurture strong relationships in the workplace
  • Feel capable of leading your staff, even in tumultuous times, and
  • Inspire, influence and motivate your employees like never before.

Your ultimate success as an executive or business leader requires that you communicate with impact, command respect and inspire others to action. 

When you do, the ripple effect on your team, your company, your community and your profits can be truly remarkable.