We help corporate teams, senior executives and organisations master their executive presence, deliver one-of-a-kind customer experiences and create awe-inspiring company cultures.

Building high performing, inspiring and impactful leaders is the cornerstone of any successful organisation.

At The Extraordinary Executive, we work with top tier corporations and medium to large organisations, delivering executive coaching training for your leaders to make sure they’re engaging their teams and performing at their best.

We deliver executive coaching sessions, either online via Zoom or Skype or face-to-face at your company office or chosen venue.

During our executive coaching sessions together, we’ll set clear plans to help you implement your highest goals and ‘big picture’ vision.

We work collaboratively with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for personal development, leadership and workplace success.

Throughout the executive coaching process, we will evaluate your progress and provide regular update reports and recommendations to ensure we’re hitting your professional milestones and helping boost the company’s bottom line.

We’ll cover areas such as: executive presence, confident communication, elite performance, mindset, leadership, professional image and style, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and how to get the best out of your teams.

We also use expert DISC profiling to help your people realise their full potential, perform in their zone of genius, face challenging workplace situations and improve their relationships with others.

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What you can expect when
you work
with us

When you work with The Extraordinary Executive, you will learn:

  •  What it means to have strong executive presence and what qualities matter most when it comes to executive presence
  •  How to communicate to your team or audience that you have the knowledge, skills and style-switching abilities to exceed expectations in a variety of contexts
  •  How to identify the roadblocks to success and work out a plan to overcome them
  •  How your executive presence is tied to delivering top notch business results
  •  How to address and close the gaps in your skill set to be a more effective leader
  •  How masterful executive presence enables you to engage, align, inspire and move people to action in the way you want them to
  •  The qualities of ‘presence’ you can enhance to earn others’ trust and loyalty
  •  The key aspects of ‘presence’ that help you earn credibility and get your ideas heard
  •  How to be the respected authority that people admire and want to follow
  •  Ways to manage your time and energy so you come across as the high level leader you want to be.