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The Extraordinary Executive is a boutique consulting and coaching agency dedicated to supporting senior executives through leadership transition periods.

46% of new leaders fail within 18 months…

Here’s why.

At The Extraordinary Executive, we believe that everyone is born with the seed of leadership inside them.


But to unlock that potential takes time.


More than ever, Australian companies are seeking higher performance from their existing staff and teams to remain competitive.


Internal hiring and promotion remains the favoured method to achieve this.


But promoting diligent workers into positions of leadership, management and responsibility must be done with the utmost of care.


Independent consultation, supportive coaching, and inspired collaboration are essential for supporting your newly promoted leader through this transition phase.


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Having Extraordinary Executive presence is intrinsically linked to better business results.

Our mission is to create positive, productive and profitable workplaces by showing you how to leverage your leaders, engage your teams and create an incredible company culture.

Jo Hodges | Director of The Extraordinary Executive



Private Executive Coaching

Want to know how to get that ‘X-factor’?

Our private VIP coaching programs are for self-motivated executives who want to communicate and lead effectively and unlock their highest potential.


Consulting For Corporates

It’s hard to see the solutions when you’re so close to the problems.

Get our independent assessment on how your company can build top performing, transformational leaders.

Jo Hodges has provided direct support to the following companies…

As a direct result of Jo’s coaching, I’ve seen a big difference in a short space of time with three new leaders in my team.

We entered into a new structure, and the only way our new partners have been able to transition so easily and quickly is thanks to Jo’s coaching.

Jo has built a strong rapport and trust with the team which has allowed them to be open and identify areas to work on within a comfortable framework.